Animals and Humans

Animals and Humans

Animals and Humans

Animals and Humans – Wildlife control is increasingly important part of the wildlife management profession because the expanding human populations and intensified land use practices.

Along with the growing need to reduce the Wildlife / People conflicts we use safe and humane methods which are based on sound economic, ecological, and sociological principles and carry out only positive and necessary capture and relocation procedures.

Finding the Problem

We first find the species that is causing the problem, how many are involved, and the amount of damage.

We understand the life history, biology and behavior of the species, and are well trained in the methods available for controlling and excluding unwanted guests from your home.

Georgia is blessed with abundant wildlife populations, but these blessings come with some problems as well, and wildlife damage is on the increase.


We are often our own worst enemies. The kindness we extend to animals in providing food sources often comes back to haunt us.

The feeding of stray cats, and birds also provide a great place for Raccoons, Opossums, Skunks, Rats, and mice ect.

which find this a place to get a free meal. This brings animals extremely close to our homes and in a short time those very animals find our homes and offices an inviting place to live and raise young. They find shelter in sunrooms, decks, concrete patios, porches, utility sheds, crawl spaces, attics, dryer & bathroom vents, landscaping and in the interior of our homes.


Unless you have extensive background and training with wildlife capture, trapping an animal and removal should be left to professionals. Handling of a wild animal can be very dangerous to you and others as well as to the captured animal.

Even when an animal is in a cage it is still a wild creature and can inflict severe damage on anyone who would be tempted to pet or touch the animal.

Never allow anyone to put any item in a cage.

Please stay back and wait until a wildlife professional arrives.

You are interpreted to be a predator which results in a self preservation response by an animal.

Please be aware that these animals are sometimes recognized as vector species which can carry and transmit rabies to humans.

This is why wild animals should never be handled.